Welcome to a place where people of all faiths or no faith can experience meaningful stories of answered prayer. The simple fact is people of faith pray and God answers prayers but we don’t see, hear or read enough about them.

Why Now, Why Here

Prayer Works! TV Works

The Human Experience

  • All people of faith pray

  • Prayers are answered

  • Miracles happen every day

  • The faith community is world wide

  • The audience is world wide

  • Programs customizable for each faith

  • Stories have happy endings

Value of Expert Storytelling

  • Reenactments capture viewers

  • Stories investigated and verified

  • Network quality produced stories

  • Unlimited answered prayer stories

  • Good feelings retain viewers

  • Multi-Lingual close captioning

  • Attractive to a universe of advertisers

Proven Content



Proven Concept



Proven Production



Prayerful People

When we see the occasional story about answered prayer on local or network news programs you must admit we feel good and smile.  Now comes a TV channel devoted entirely to these stories. Everyone loves a miracle and miracles happen every day.

Whether big or small, people love hearing about them. Prayer Works! TV documents those every day miracles of how God answers prayers and brings them into viewers homes.

Big prayers, little prayers, in between prayers.  Whether it’s suddenly getting the needed money for a child’s college tuition, or finding the love of your life, it’s a win for the viewer, a win for advertisers and a win for the carrier.


There is no lose in this programming.

Real prayers. 

Real lives.

Real answered prayer.

Channel Description

Enriching Content

The faith community is world wide and we have teams documenting answered prayer all over the world.  Stories are thoroughly investigated and vetted by seasoned reporters. Programs are customizable and available for all faiths. Closed captioning makes every program accessible to all.

Stories are told through reenactments and draw the viewer in and keep them intrigued through the conclusion.  Programs average four stories per hour with 44 minutes of content and 16 minutes of advertising.  Any answered prayer story can be told and there is an endless supply because these stories are evergreen.

The stories are compelling and always have a happy ending which makes viewers feel good and brings them back for more.  The audience is world wide which is attractive to advertisers, thousands of them, and the subject matter makes it ideal for a wide variety of products.

Who Drives This

EMMY Honored Leader

Alexis Yancey, President, CEO and creator of Prayer Works! TV, is an Emmy winning network television news producer and owner/CEO of Alexis Yancey Productions.  Prayer Works! TV is a division of Alexis Yancey Productions. The idea for Prayer Works! TV came to Alexis when she was doing personal vision and dream building work during a prosperity consciousness class at her church. For Alexis, who is also a licensed spiritual coach and prayer practitioner with the Centers For Spiritual Living, “It’s a perfect marriage of my television news career and my spiritual coaching career. Having seen and experienced numerous answered prayers for others and myself, I know, for sure, that prayer works!” 

Alexis has produced newsmagazine stories for CBS News Sunday Morning, Street Stories with Ed Bradley, America Tonight and documentaries for 20th Century with Mike Wallace and PBS. Add in-depth reports, news features, newscasts, news talk shows, public affairs shows, sweeps series, live political debates, live shots, radio stories and programs, and you have a capable and accomplished Pray Works! TV leader. Her production company clients include CBS, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Donahue, BET, and PBS TV and Radio properties.

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